Maritime Market Shops and Services

Below are the shops and services that can by found in Maritime Market, arranged by street. Need a map? Go to this page for a detailed map of Granville Island in PDF format.

Duranleau Street

Prince of Whales Whale Watching
1516 Duranleau Street

Taraxca Imports Ltd.
1518 Duranleau Street

Red Sky at Night 

1520 Duranleau Street

The Ocean Floor
1522 Duranleau Street

The Raven and the Bear
1528 Duranleau Street

Strubs Sports Design
1616 Duranleau Street

White Ocean Imports

1620 Duranleau Street

Roton Industries
1628 Duranleau Street

1648 Duranleau Street

RR Yacht Services
106-1650 Duranleau Street

Blue Marine Service

101-1650 Duranleau Street

Blue Ocean Yacht Services
100 – 1656 Duranleau Street

Simply Sailing
200-1650 Duranleau Street

Jeanne Krabbendam at the Salt Water Studio
202-1650 Duranleau Street

Art Works Wonders
208A – 1650 Duranleau Street

Wilson Boating
208B-1650 Duranleau Street

The Hang Out Place
1652 Duranleau Street

Granville Island Publishing
212-1656 Duranleau Street

Ten Thousand Villages
1660 Duranleau Street

Inkary Andean Arts and Crafts
1664 Duranleau Street

Mt. Seymour Yacht Sales
1666 Duranleau Street

Ecomarine Paddlesport Centres
1668 Duranleau Street

Specialty Yachts Sales
102-1676 Duranleau Street

Bonnie Lee Charters
104-1676 Duranleau Street

Bridges Restaurant
1696 Duranleau Street


Mast Tower Road

Finest at Sea
1805 Mast Tower Road

Wild Whales of Vancouver Eco Tours
1806 Mast Tower Road

The Lobster Man
1807 Mast Tower Road

Bon Chovy Fishing Charters
1814 Mast Tower Road

Blue Water Rigging
1815+1816 Mast Tower Road

Pirate Adventures Canada
1820 Mast Tower Road

Yacht Sales West
1826 Mast Tower Road

Cooper Boating
1832 Mast Tower Road


Foreshore Walk

Ocean Breath Yoga
1521 Foreshore Walk

Genesis Yachting
1523 Foreshore Walk

Explorer Yacht Services
Unit A 1625 Foreshore Walk

Skookum Yacht Services
1625B Foreshore Walk

Granville Island Catering
1529 Foreshore Walk

Boatlift Lane

Granville Island Ferries
1804 Boatlift Road

North West Coastal Charters
1806 Boatlift Lane

Michael Dean Designer
1808 Boatlift Lane

Vancouver Water Adventures
1812 Boatlift Lane

North West Coastal Charters
1806 Boatlift Lane

Maritime Mews

Eagle Spirit Gallery
1803 Maritime Mews

BikeHike Adventures

200-1807 Maritime Mews

Tradewind Books
202-1807 Maritime Mews

Hotshop Communications
206-1807 Maritime Mews

Blue Pacific Yacht Charters
1809 and 1811 Maritime Mews

Blackfish Marine
1815 Maritime Mews

Fraser Yacht Sales
1818 Maritime Mews


On the Docks

Granville Island Boat Rentals
At the marina by Bridges Restaurant

Accent Cruises / Vancouver Champagne Cruises
on a barge by Bridges Restaurant

Vancouver Boat Rentals
On the marina at the entrance to Granville Island.

Moorage Opportunities

Looking for permanent moorage in the heart of Vancouver? Look no futher! Click here for more info.

Boat Maintenance

Located adjacent to the Maritime Market & Marina, Granville Island Boatyard is home to some of Vancouver’s premier boat repair specialists. Click here for more info.

Leasing Opportunities

Looking to set up shop in a dynamic and vibrant retail district? Look no further! Click here for more info.